Heat treat stamp
Heat treat stamp


What is Heat Treated ISPM-15 and why do you need it?

Heat Treated ISPM-15 is an internationally agreed standard for the treatment of wood packaging, and was developed to protect world forests from timber pests.

For wood packaging to become compliant it is required to undergo a process of heat treatment, detailed below:

Heat Treatment (H/T): Wood packaging material is heated in a kiln at a minimum core temperature of 560C for a minimum of 30 minutes.
Once the timber has been treated it may be officially marked as ISPM15 compliant, and legible for export, your goods can be shipped around the world.

Which Countries Require ISPM15?

We are happy to advise you on whether the country you are exporting to requires wood packaging to be Heat Treated ISPM-15.

Our Products

Contact us for advice on Heat Treated ISPM-15 regulations.  Any of our products Timber Cases, Plywood Cases and Pallets can be manufactured to meet requirements for world wide export and are stamped with our unique registration number to state this.